Moody’s e la (dis)informazione all’italiana

Questa mattina i titoli dei principali quotidiani italiani online riportano erroneamente che l’agenzia americana di rating Moody’s prevede l’uscita dalla crisi per l’Italia già nel prossimo anno. – «Moody’s: “Con le riforme Italia fuori dalla crisi nel 2013» – Crisi, Moody’s: «Italia salva nel 2013»

La – Moody’s: «Italia salva nel 2013»

Il – Moody’s: «2013, Italia e Spagna salve»


Umh no. Moody’s non ha scritto questo nel suo Credit Outlook del 20 agosto.

Le parti che riguardano l’Italia sono le seguenti:

“The second-quarter results confirm that the economies of countries accounting for 60% of total euro area output are either contracting or stagnant, with southern nations among the worst performers.
During the second quarter, Portugal (Ba2 negative) contracted by 1.2%, Italy (Baa2 negative) by 0.7% and Spain (Baa3 review for downgrade) by 0.4%. Although the Hellenic Statistics Agency does not release seasonally adjusted quarterly GDP figures, Greece’s (C) economy shrank by 6.2% relative to the same period a year earlier. Meanwhile, northern member states generally reported growth in the second quarter, although for most it was lower than in the first quarter. Germany’s (Aaa negative) growth was 0.3%, while Austria (Aaa negative) was 0.2%.”
“The contrast between the northern member states and the southern periphery highlights the difficulties that policymakers in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain face as they seek to improve their countries’ competitiveness and restore growth in an environment of subdued domestic demand, weakened business and consumer confidence, and ongoing private-sector deleveraging. We expect the divergence in economic performance between the northern and southern countries to persist in 2012 and 2013.
Germany and Austria will register modest growth rates, while Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain will remain in recession.”  

E non vi è traccia degli slogan che capeggiano sulle homepage di questa mattina. Resta da capire perché disinformare in modo così becero quando i documenti dicono tutt’altro e sono disponibili al pubblico.

Qui trovate il report completo di Moody’s sull’Europa.



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